Testtype 888


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Project: Testtype 888
Direction, Design & Animation: 2Preform
Music & Sound Design: Ruurt Staverman
Audio & Mix: Klaas-Jan Govaart

Year: 2008
short film, cgi, 3d animation, robotic, mechanoid, machine, compositing

Mechanic and organic

Info: The Birth of TT888

Dedication and fun part to this project is the conceptual design. Researching on the appearance and the design for the robot, the unveiling of the mechanical body parts, and putting all these little detailed information on paper. And finally set up technical options to model, rig and animate the character.

Creating music and sound for this piece is also an interesting unique process. The boys manage to utilize a technique for the audio design, which was created with algorithmic calculations. This makes the audio sound natural and organic.

'In a testing room, power cables leave their docking system and reach a connecting-core. A machinery gets activated and detailed parts start revealing themselves. While activities are being monitored, the ‘Testtype 888’ robot slowly comes to life.'