2Preform - The artistic portfolio of C.S. Daniel Lim, designer, director, cg artist.

Service - Postproduction, analogue & digital design for film/ motion- & artistic works.

Ethic - With emphasis on exploring creative storytelling, pushing boundaries of visualization and nourishing extraordinary imagery, 2Preform creates expressive films, animations and title sequences for art experience-, science/medical-, food design-, brand- and music- related fields.

Mission - Both in our commercial as well as non-commercial projects, we strive to always exceed expectations by engaging in progressive design methods, maintaining balance between aesthetics and storytelling.

Clients i.a. Crucell, KWF, Submarine, Boehringer Ingelheim, Virtual Touch, MTV Networks, Corpus Experience, Casio, Camera Japan, MontverdISH, NPO, La Biennale Di Venezia, CliniClowns, Paramount Pictures, SPA, Battle Of Amsterdam, RESFest, THEY, Tronic Studio..

Supported by good friends and partners, 2Preform has become its own growing platform. Thus we are always open to meet new friendly people and talented craftsmen from various disciplines. Let us know, you are here!


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2Preform Studio
Overhoeksplein 2
1031 KS Amsterdam
The Netherlands

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Work inquiries

Chun See Daniel Lim
Motion & Visual Artist
+31 6 43 02 97 48

Studio partners

Wilsun Cheung / Brand Design
Sam Chan / Food Photographer
Kah Kih Yau / Dancobuild
Guan Her Ng

Our partners & friends

Alex van der Wolk / Danca / AT Media / Ivin / Klats Productions / Logical Disorder / Mystic Vintage / Phunk Studio / Robbert Klein / Ruben van Leer / Ruurt Staverman / Rizky Gerilya / Mr. Vicetto / TMRRW / ZanDen Innovations