Corpus「The Anatomy Lesson」

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Client: CORPUS Experience
Art Direction & 3d Visuals: 2Preform
Production: All Terrain Media
Software Engineering: Trin-IT
Hardware Design: DIZ

Year: 2013
multi touch, interaction, experience

3840 x 1280 px LCD Multitouch Display. Interactive 3D Organs. Quiz Facts. Game Interactivity. Anatomy lesson of the Human Body

Info: In addition to the 55 min Journey through the Human Body at CORPUS Experience, we developed an interactive Multi touch Experience, showing the anatomy of the human body for CORPUS.

CORPUS Experience in Leiden, The Netherlands, is well-known for its colossal building where one can enjoy a spectacular Journey through the Human Body. Next to this amazing attraction something new was emerging...

In discussion with CORPUS, the idea to develop a Multi touch Experience came to life. We gladly took the liberty to call in some reinforcement, making sure the back-end is covered perfectly.