「Nelumbo」(°Reel 2012)


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Design & Animation: C.S. Daniel Lim
Music & Sound Design: Daniele Carmosino (Danca)

Year: 2012
reel, montage, 2d, 3d, animation, effects, life, organic, science, sci fi, molecules, animation, cinematic, fantasy, bio, electronics, motion art

'Commercial work and personal projects combine to make one of the more unique showreels to hit the scene this year, in 'Nelumbo' by Chun See Daniel Lim. The Amsterdam-based motion designer mixes classical Chinese motifs with modern electronica in this fast-moving, organic video, which highlights Lim's proclivity for visual rhythm.'

~ Computer Arts Magazine

Info: Finally our showreel has arrived, 'Nelumbo °2012'! It consists of commercial work as well as personal snippets.

For this showreel the initial concept was to create a dreamy fantasy scenery that visually resembles a chinese oil-painting. Nevertheless, the style gradually took shape into a somewhat more lively idyllic geometrical world, where the Nelumbo lotus plays the leading role. 'Follow the golden path to enlightenment.'

Also a big thanks to Daniele Carmosino. He kept the challenge in mind to mix ancient chinese instruments with electronic beats and composed this amazing track for the piece. So, pump up the volume and enjoy 2Preform's Nelumbo Reel!

A nice thank you to David Hager, Arvid Silos and Shuh-Wei Soo