2Preform, the Artistic portfolio of C.S. Daniel Lim, designer, director, cg artist.


postproduction, analogue & digital design for film/ motion- & artistic works.

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Blue Ocean Floor - Justin Timberlake
Music Video Treatment



Dedicated to the art of music & video - The short film tells a love story in Iceland. A display of endless passion. where the protagonists fight for their love. Subconsciously the sense of attraction between the two is an intense desire. With the male protagonist reaching out and the female protagonist struggling for her existence, arising from darkness to light, they strive to succeed to be brought together.


Story & Direction: C.S. Daniel Lim
Creative Development: Wilsun Cheung x C.S. Daniel Lim
Presented by: ADAYS

Edit, 3d & Postproduction: C.S. Daniel Lim
Cinematography & Lighting: Wilsun Cheung x C.S. Daniel Lim